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WOD 07/31/14

20 Minute Skill SessionIMG_4821


20 Minute EMOTM

Odd minutes: 1 PCLN, 1 Push Press, 3 Back Squats  135#/95#

Even minutes: 10 Dips (Rx = Ring Dips)

WOD 07/30/14

20 Minute Skill Sessionrogue-fitness


Metcon: Death By Pull-ups




Top of every minute perform 1 pull-up.  Add 1 pull-up every minute until you cannot complete the amount given.


Post WOD Bonus: 2000m Row or 1200m Run

WOD 07/29/14

20 Minute Skill SessionIMG_4521

Movement Goal or Strength Goal


20 Minute AMRAP: Partner WOD !!

200m Run with 25#/20#s of plates

20 Wall Ball Shots  20#/14#

10 Box Jumps  24″/20″

(Plates must not touch the ground on the run & only one partner may carry plates at a time, wall ball shots and box jumps may be broken up any way the team wants but only one partner may work at a time.)



WOD 07/28/14

20 Min Skill Sessionth

Metcon: 15 Min AMRAP

8 Power Cleans 205#/125#

16 Weighted Sit-ups  25#  (or GHD)


(Photo: Dan Bailey, top 10 Games athlete 4 consecutive years with perfect form on a 225# clean.)

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