Know Your Numbers

The attached link is a great & humorous article that will help just about all CrossFitters.

How many of us can say, “I know my numbers”?

I can. Not only do I know my current numbers but I also know my numbers and how they have fluctuated over the past 18 years.  I also know what caused them to fluctuate, and how my body has felt  & responded to different “numbers” over the time span.  While only a very few athletes train at extreme levels and monitor their performance like this, ALL of us SHOULD know our basic numbers.  There truly is no excuse.  How tall are you, how much do you weigh, what is your waist size, what is your inseam, what is your chest or shoulder measurement?  Most people know these as they are common for clothing purchases.  But the real numbers, the important numbers, the ones that indicate health and then fitness are seldom known or tracked.  Take the 30 & 60 day challenges in July and August seriously, record all your results, use your phone, a note pad, or purchase a WOD book with all of the tracking built-in.  Every objective needs a starting point.  We will establish starting points, set goals, track & record progress and most importantly affect positive change toward greater fitness.

Eric Rogers


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