Saturday Open Gym & WOD 08/02/14 11am-12noon

Open Gym starts at 11am. th

WOD starts at 11:35ish…

Strength WOD: Power Clean Conga Line…last man/woman standing

Two lines, one for the gals & one for the guys.

Everyone PCLN’s the same bar as they move through the Conga Line.

Increase weight on the bar by 5#’s every 3 laps through the Conga Line.

Try to be the last person still doing PCLN’s in your line.


Thank you everyone for all your support, enthusiasm, and for being a part of SaltWater CrossFit.  The card was such a huge surprise y’all almost brought me to tears.  Fitness is a passion of mine and being able to share it with people who truly care about their own fitness is why we CrossFit.  LOYAL members are the heart of any CrossFit and we have a fantastic group of people I’m glad to call friends.  My sincerest thanks, Eric Rogers.

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