Saturday 10am BIG class Only. WOD 09/06/14

If you are staying strict to the Strength Cycle be on time at 10am, the first 20 minutes are Strength.

Strength: Box Squats Front Rack Postionth


Focusing on the final 1/3rd of the Front Squat, Firing of the Glutes to assist with Hip movement and finishing lock-out.


WOD TEAM Event: Complete all Movements & Reps For Time

Team 150m Relay (all members must complete a 150m)

Team Handstand Push-up Relay (no member may do more than 3 consecutive HSPUs)

Team Squat Clean Relay (we will have variety of weights set-up for all levels)

Team Wall Ball Relay (team members must transition when the ball is in the air, if the ball touches the ground the rep does not count)

Reps For Each Movement will be based on team size with all Reps-Loads-Times posted in the gym.

Pic: CrossFit Games athlete Dan Bailey with a perfect SqCLN


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