WOD 09/29/14

Grab you CF buddy…Partner WODs!IMG_4684

Warm-up: 5 Min AMRAP 

Complete as many DU’s as possible in 5 minutes, only one partner may work at a time.

Minimum 5 minute rest between Metcons.

Metcon 1: For Time

100 Burpee Box STEP Overs  20″/16″

Each partner must complete at least 2 burpees before tagging in their partner.

Do a burpee, step over the box, do another burpee = 2 reps.

Minimum 5 minute rest between Metcons.

Metcon 2: 15 Min AMRAP

10 DL  185#/125#

20 Med Ball Sit-ups (partners link feet and hand-off med ball at the top of each rep)

30 Weighted Push-ups (25#/10#)

Partners may split DL’s & PU any way they want.

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