PARTNER WOD version of “FRANTASY LAND” 10/13/14

For our Monday Partner WOD we are tackling FRANTASY Land !!!

Only ONE Partner may work at a time.  Both partners must complete all reps.

Example: Partner 1 Complete His/Her first round of 21 Thrusters, tags partner & Partner 2 begins His/Her first round of 21 Thrusters, Partner 2 finishes thrusters and tags Partner 1 to begin the first round of Pull-ups.  One partner rests while the other works.


Thrusters 95/65 lbs
Pull ups
Thruster 115/75 lbs
Chest to bar
Thruster 135/95 lbs
Bar Muscle ups

(Scale muscle-ups to C2B PLU as needed…45 minute Time CAP)

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