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December 1st!!! Can you believe it.?.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed some good food…now its time to kick it into high gear for three weeks before the Christmas celebrations begin!  So call your favorite WOD partner and see which team can rock the most reps.

15 minute stretch/warm-up/set-uprogue-fitness

20 Minute AMRAP: Record Total Rounds & Reps

100 sit-ups

100 Double-unders

100 Wall Ball Shots  20#/14#

20 Power Cleans 115#/75#images

Only one partner may work @ a time, reps split as partners choose.

BLACK Friday 10am WOD

We are having One BIG Class today at 10am then its back to family, friends, shopping, movies, eating (cheat day) and watching our favorite teams!

Doors open at

Metcon: Complete all reps for time.


Thrusters  Rx: 95#/65#  (Elite 135#/95#)

Pull-ups  Rx: Kipping  (Elite = Strict)

7am Thanksgiving Day WOD

Coach Patrick is hosting a 7am WOD on Thanksgiving Day!happy thanksgiving_t

We will also have One BIG class on Friday at 10am.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

WOD 11/26/14

No Pool Workout Today so we’ll see everyone at 10am at the gym.

Metcon For Time:  45 Minute Time Capth


Sit-ups & Kettle Bell Swings

After the round of 50: 10 Sumo DL high Pulls  95#/45#

After the round of 40: 10 Squat Cleans  135#/65#

After the round of 30: 10 Power Cleans 155#/85#

After the round of 20: 10 Sumo DL 185#/105#

After the round of 10: 10 DL  205#/125#

REMINDER:  One BIG Class @ 7am on Thanksgiving Day…& we will have ONE BIG Class @ 10am on Black Friday. 

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