Happy Monday 11/03/14 WOD

EVERYONE Please also see the posting from Sunday below.

Partner WOD!! (note: these WOD’s can also be done & scored individually)

Make these Metcons count!  These low impact & low “load” WODs are the foundation for everything else.

Metcon 1:  20 Minute AMRAP

200m Run Together

Each Partner performs all reps, only one partner may work at a time.

7 Box Jump/Step  24″/20″

9 Sit-ups

11 Kettle Bell Swings

5 Minute Rest Between Metcons

Metcon 2: 15 Minute AMRAP (same rules as before)

100m Run, 15 Jumping Jacks, 100m run (runs & JJ performed together)

9 Push-ups

11 Sit-ups

13 Air Squats

400m Recovery WALK as a class at the end of both Metcons

Record TOTAL REPS for each Metcon, each 100m Run counts as 10 Rep (i.e. a 200m run = 20 reps)

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