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Saturday 10am Team WOD 01/31/15

10am Saturday Team WOD

Warm-up: Turkish Get-up Skill Workth

Team WOD: For time

-Squat Clean  #105/#65 (3 reps then pass the bar)

-Pull-ups (3 Reps)

-Double Unders (15 reps)

-Total Rep Counts & Rounds will be set based on the size of teams- 

TGIF!!! WOD 01/30/15

What day is it…??…its FRIDAY!!!  And that means Open/Regionals/Games style WOD.

Warm-up: Teams of 3-4 people

Wall Ball Relay Style, 50 reps each, 1 rep at a time then to the back of the line.

Skill: 15 Minutes of Work on…

Gymnastic Kip – Applications: Pull-up , Knees to Elbow, Toes to Bar, Muscle-up

Butterfly Kip – Applications: Pull-up, Chest-to-Bar

Metcon: 15 Minute AMRAP (modified Open 11.2)

9 KBS  53#/35#

12 Push-ups

15 Box Jumps  24″/20″

-Record Total REPS-

WOD 01/29/15

Note there will NOT be Open Gym today at 4pm.  Regular evening classes start at 5pm & 6pm.

Warm-up: With PVC

5 Rounds 3 Reps OHSq

5 Rounds 2 Reps Hang Squat Snatch

Strength:  Overhead SquatIMG_4521

8 Rounds of 4 Reps at 60% 1RM Snatch

Metcon: 3 Rounds For Time

21 Knees To Elbow

15 Power Snatch  95#/65#

9 Burpees Over The Bar

We had a great day of WODs yesterday and dinner at Tijuana Flats. A special thank you to Coach Terri Rosen for spending the day with the SWCF family!

01/28/15 SWCF Welcomes Guest Coach Terri Rosen!

SWCF Remember to join us today welcoming Coach Terri Rosen, for some fun WOD’s, & for Dinner @ Tijuana Flats after the 6pm class! 

Warm-up: 800m Run-Walk as a Class

6 Lunge Steps Each Leg on the Walk Portions

Metcon 1: Fun with FRAN – 5 Minute AMRAP

7 Thrusters  95#/65#

7 Pull-ups

-10 Minute Break/Set-up/Skill Work-

Metcon 2: Complete All Reps For Time


Power Cleans  135#/85#

Wall Balls  20#/14#

Abmat Sit-ups

Obviously this WOD is built around the PCLNs so go unbroken if you can through the WBs & SUs.

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