Happy Valentines Day! 10am WOD

Seeing as its Valentines Day we will be doing one of the great Partner WODs other gyms are doing today.

WOD: 2 Rounds For Timeth

400m Run (must run together)

50 Wall Balls (split as desired)

50 Push-ups (split as desired)

Buddy Cary or Piggy Back 1 lap around JUST our building. (partners may switch off as many times as needed but no forward progress unless in the Buddy Cary/Piggy Back)

50 Kettle Bell Swings 53#/35# (split as desired)

50 Thrusters  75#/45# (split as desired)

-repeat for a 2nd round-

In the Spirit of Competition, if anyone wants to tackle this Solo or Race their WOD Buddy head-to-head the reps are cut in half and the buddy cary becomes a front rack bar cary of the thruster weight.

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