Wednesday WOD

This is your SaltWater “Public Service Announcement”.  There has been some confusion and many rumors the past few days.  All SaltWater members please know that our owner, Ms. Miriam Carlin, is committed to taking SaltWater forward and making it even better!  Come join Coach T.J., Coach Patrick, and a special guest Coach ; )  Happy BIRTHDAY Coach T.J. !!!

Warm-up:  3 Rounds (No time component)th

-25 Air Squats

-20 Push-ups

-15 Over Head Squats (empty bar 45#/35#/25#)

-10 Sit-ups

WOD: For Time

-800 m Run

-100 DU’s

-30 HSPU

-100 DU’s

-800 m Run

-Record Time & Single/DU, Abmats Used on HSPU-

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