Thursday WOD

Warm-up: Coaches Choice !

Skill / Strength:  Hang Snatch

3-3-3-3-3-3 Increasing Weight Each Round

Note: This is a full Hang Snatch (NOT a High-Hang Snatch)

WOD: “KAREN” with a twist!

150 Wall Balls For Time  20#/14#

Every time you break do 10 Toes to Bar (Scaled = K2C then Abmat Sit-up)

Question: How good is your CF Game?  This one takes a little gamesmanship, a little planning.  How well do you know your own CF Game/Abilities?

Hint: Coaches should all strive to do 6 sets of 25 WB & obviously then 6 sets of 10 T2B 

-Record WB#, T2B/K2C/Abmat, & Time-

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