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Saturday Sanibel Island Beach WOD

Here are the details for tomorrow beach WOD on Sanibel Island.

We will be doing a shorter & modified version of the beach WOD from the 2014 CrossFit Games.  There is public parking on Tarpon Bay Rd. just before it runs into W. Gulf Drive.  Park in this lot and follow Tarpon Bay Rd. straight West onto the beach.  There are showers and restrooms at the corner of Tarpon Bay Rd. & W. Gulf Drive just before the entrance to the beach.

The WOD begins at 10am with a swim/run/walk through the water out to the buoy and back (depending upon tides & water depth we may have a person stationed closer in that the buoy so that if needed the entire “swim” is in shallow enough water to walk if needed).  Safety First!

WOD: For Time

Out to the Buoy & Back

20 Burpees

Out to the Buoy & Back

40 Push-ups

Out to the Buoy & Back

20 Burpee Barrel Rolls  (that’s right folks, its just as fun as it sounds…its actually pretty hilarious)

Out to the Buoy & Back

Plan your CLOTHING accordingly.  While the beach is know for shells once in the water the sand is very fine and soft.

If you plan to stay after and enjoy the beach for an hour or two with us pack a cooler with drinks and foods to help recover from the WOD.

IF ANYONE HAS A STEREO OR BOOM BOX THAT IS GOOD FOR THE BEACH PLEASE BRING IT.  Text me if you would to let me know (Eric). Thank you and we’ll see ya at 10am!

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