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WOD 12/17/14 & USAF Pool Workout

NOTE: We will be at the pool for a USAF hosted Spec Ops training workout so there will not be a 10am class today.  Fort Myers Aquatic Center @ 9am for the Pool WOD!!!

Olympic Lifting Skills Day…”Skillz to pay the Billz”

800m Run Walk Warm-up As A Class

BEAR Complex: 2 Reps @ Each Weight (35 Minutes of Skills Work)

Increase weight 5-10lbs after each set (start light)th

First 5 Sets: DL, HCLN, FSq, PP, BSq, PP

Next 5 Sets: PCLN, FSq, PJ, BSq, PJ

Next 5 Sets: PCLN & FSq or Just SqCLN, PJ or SJ, BSq, PJ or SJ

If you finish all sets continue working in sets of 2 reps at a “manageable” weight working on the movements that are your weakness until the time cap or 35 minutes is reached.  Record Max Weight for One complete Bear Complex.

FINISH: 2 Minute AMRAP (Reps) Double Unders…record numbers.

WOD 12/16/18

Skills Teaser Alert: “The Bear Complex” is headed your way later this week.!.

Gymnastic & Strength Focus Today

Gymnastic Metcon 1: 10 Minute AMRAPth

10 Box jumps  24″/20″

10 Strict Pull-ups

– Rest 7 Minutes – (& set-up)

Strength Metcon 2: For Time

12-9-6  Squat Clean  155#/105#

24-18-12  Toes to Bar

These Guys & Gals do strict pull-ups every day!

Monday Fun-day WOD 12/15/14

Happy Monday Partner WOD..Call your CF buddy & get to the gym!

Hero WOD “The Seven” Partner Style.IMG_4684

7 Rounds For Time: 45 Minute Cap

-14 Hand Stand Push-ups

-14 Thrusters 95#/65#

-14 Knees To Elbows

-14 Dead Lifts  95#/65#

-14 Burpees

-14 Kettle Bell Swings  53#/35#

-14 Double Unders

WOD’s For Your Weekend

We will be closed this Saturday but here are some great active recovery WOD’s for your weekend.  Pick one of these and post your results to the Facebook page.

18 Minute EMOTM (use your the stop watch feature on your phone)

6 Push-ups, 6 Sit-ups, 6 Air Squats

Some conditioning options:th

Road Bike Ride – 20 Miles (no time component)

Trail / MTB Ride – 10 Miles (no time component)

5k Run – (no time component)

1500m Swim – (no time component)

4000m Row – (no time component)

In honor of our USAF Spec Ops recruits.

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