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Saturday 10am WOD 02/28/15

For the last day of February we’ve got a fun Saturday workout.  To prep for our second run at OPEN Workout 15.1 we have…….

30 Minutes:th

Snatch Conga Line – Ladder

30 Minutes:

Clean & Jerk Conga Line- Ladder

TGIF!!! WOD 02/20/15

TGIF people!  Did you do your home work? Did you go to the games site or google Open Workout 11.1 and watch the movement standards video?  If you didn’t, DO IT before the WOD.  It will help make you a better judge of your own movements and improve your technique.

5 minutes of mobility work then...Warm-up: 10 Minutes Skill Work on the Turkish Get-up

Work through the entire progression on both sides with light weight and increase load as  technique improves.

Technique: Power Snatch Progression with PVC (5-7 minutes)

From the High Hang: Jump, Jump Shrug, Jump Shrug High-pull, Jump Shrug High-pull to OH

From Shin Position: Load Power in the Heals, Bar Path Close to Body, Hip Extension & Contact,  Shrug High-pull to OH

OPEN Workout 11.1images

10 Minute AMRAP

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatch  75#/55#

WOD 02/12/15

Strength: 10 Minutes

Dead Lift: In sets of 3 Work to a 3 Rep MaX

Metcon For Time:

400m Runth

50 KBS  53#/35#

100 Double unders

35 Box Jump overs 24″/20″

100 Double unders

20 Burpees

400m Run

WOD 12/03/14 See Class Note Below!!!

Announcement For TODAY ONLY: On Wednesday 12/3 we will have the following classes at the gym 6am, 10am & one BIG afternoon class at 6pm (no 4pm open gym or 5pm class today).

Metcon Triple: For Time (no time cap)

21-15-9  Hang Snatch 75#/55#images

42-30-18 Weighted Sit-ups 25#/15#


15-12-9  Power Snatch 95#/65#

21-15-9  Knees To Elbows


12-9-6  Over Head Squats  115#/75#

15-12-9  Toes To Bar

There is NO rest period between these three Metcons, just the time it takes to swap weights on your bar.  One continuous clock so be sure to manage your heart rate on your tougher movements and speed through movements that are your “strengths”.

Photo curtsey of the CrossFit Games.  The man with the plan athlete Matt Chan.

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