The trainers at SaltWater Fitness are certified fitness professionals, and nice people to boot. They’re available to assist you in all aspects of your training program. Their personal and friendly approach along with their pursuit of Elite Fitness ensures you’ll receive the attention and custom Scaled Workouts to fit your current fitness & medical needs.  Our trainers will scale and adjust every exercise or movement to the needs of a current or past injury or physical limitation.  We will ensure that through all stages of your fitness and especially injury or surgical rehabilitation that you will always be able to participate in the classes and WOD’s you have come to love.

Owner & Lead Coach: Eric Rogers

Following his passion for fitness & training at the highest level it was only a matter of time before Eric opened a CrossFit of his own.  A former collegiate & semiprofessional soccer player Eric earned honors at every level of competition.  “My success over 20 years of soccer came in large part to my fitness.  In all my years of play, at every level, I played in EVERY game and NEVER missed a game due to injury.  In part I am blessed to have had an accident free career and I thank God for that.  I also credit this to my constant cross-training over the years, exposing myself to new routines, work-outs & competitions to challenge my athleticism & fitness.  Far before CrossFit I was cross-training. Not only do these methodologies work but they have been refined and even perfected in CrossFit.  CrossFit brought truly elite level instruction and fitness to the masses.  We have been using & integrating CrossFit into all branches of the military and at our highest levels of Special Operations training for several years now.  I love training and training alongside anyone looking to challenge themselves.” CrossFit Level 1 Trainer & Fitness Team Lead with his unit in the United States Air Force.

Coach Patrick

Coach Patrick is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and an I.S.S.A. Certified Personal Trainer.  This former captain of Slippery Rock University’s rugby team, with his competitive background and personal training expertise, Coach Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful blend of energy and enthusiasm to every WOD.

Coach T.J.

Coach is T.J. is the newest addition to the SaltWater Fitness coaching team.  With his great enthusiasm for fitness Coach T.J. has become a fast favorite at the 7am hour. CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Coach Kate

SaltWater Fitness is proud to welcome Coach Kate to the team.  Kate has been one of our longest running members and is known for sneaking in 2 workouts a day whenever possible.  Kate also has the best one-handed handstand in the gym and a great assortment of cross-eyed funny faces to keep you laughing!  Coach Kate Reidy is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

We at SaltWater CrossFit love competing in local Fitness Contests and a wide variety of sporting events.  Whether its individual achievement or the fun and camaraderie of Team based Fitness Competitions and sporting events that drives you, the team at SaltWater CrossFit will train and team with you through both the daily WOD’s and a host of specialty classes.

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